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Chinese massage is the oldest practice in the world ( over 5,000 years). Originally touted for its preventative health effects , its restorative properties, it has always been recognized . 

In this traditional method , based on Chinese medicine, are massaged specific points of anatomy. The massage acts on the circulation of energy and blood to find the metabolic balance and harmony of energy flows.

 Massage, practiced smooth is ideal for deep relaxation and provide a feeling of well being. 

The masseuse will use her fingers , hands, arms and elbows to relax the muscles , reduce stress and improve blood circulation. The massage is performed with oil making your skin soft and velvety . 

Possibility of 4 hands massage

                                                                                                                   Normal            4 mains     
30 minutes
       35 €
45 minutes        45 €  
1 heure        50 €         120 €