Institut Zénitude
Bien être et relaxation


Welcome you to a place where relaxation prevail, harmony.  

Make sure a team available and responsive. 

Enforce respect of the strictest hygiene. 

You ensure strict confidentiality, professional secrecy. 


Benefits are payable in advance. The cabins Zénitude institute are considered private areas to which access is forbidden for any person or object outside the service. 

All services previously defined, can not in any case be subject to modification, solicitation of any kind. Any breach will result in the customer charter stopping the session without being able to ask the Money Back thereof. 

The customer keeps his clothes in the cabin under his responsibility. The Institute will not be held responsible in case of theft or loss of personal belongings. 

Benefits can not be any other solicitation both inside and outside and are devoid of any sexual nature. 

Our massages practiced in the institute as a goal the welfare of the person, the techniques practiced only apparent in nothing, either in content or in the objectives, the practice of masso -Kinesitherapy and any medical practice.

Our massages